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"Having seen the program and how a person could use it to practice the linguistic skills that are so foundational for communication precision, hypnotic effectiveness, and conversational reframing (when you want to transform meaning), it's a very useful tool. And, there's nothing else like it on the market as far as I know.

If you're wanting to learn and practice these foundational communication models, here's a learning tool that I'd recommend you check out."

Dr L. Michael Hall - NLP Trainer and developer of Neuro-Semantics

"After going as far as the Trainer's Training, I truly have not found a better way to learn the Meta Model and Milton Model language patterns than your software. It is fun and so helpful! Most of the students have to go around with a printed-out version of the language patterns to really learn them, this is so much more effective."
Nannette DiMascio -  NLP Trainer

"I LOVE your software - well done indeed! Thank you for introducing it. I've had fun playing with it today."

Joseph Bennette

"Paul, I'm a trainer and am constantly having to work with people's issues. So you can imagine how much I've enjoyed this program. The practice with skills is quite amazing. It is great to be continually prompted to use the different hypnosis skills.
This is the kind of tool that I believe should be on the computer of every trainer and therapist out there."

Hal Croasmun

"In the NLP World there are many books, tapes and videos. But to my knowledge there is only one software program that teaches the user step by step how to use correctly the three most important Models of NLP. The Meta Model, the Milton Model and Mind lines.

The software program teaches you and guides you in a very similar way ,like having a private Tutor. The lessons and the training sessions are formidable for anyone wanting to excel in the use of NLP in any endeavour.

As a Certified Trainer of NLP, practicing and teaching NLP for 14 years, I believe this program to be at this time the ultimate companion for anyone practicing NLP"

Emil Capone
Certified Trainer of NLP
Chairman of The Israeli Association for NLP

"I must say that I very impressed with the complete NLP Coach software. By breaking down the techniques e.g. Unspecified Referential Index, External Framing etc. it provides a very logical method of learning and practicing the principles of the models.

Your program allows the lay user to practice very specific aspects of how they plan to achieve their outcome. Just as a person learning a new language will have to learn specific conjugations, number agreements and irregularities, NLP Coach allows you to learn the Meta Model and Milton Model as you would learn a language, so that when you reach unconscious competance you have basically learned two new languages!

Many Thanks for producing this invaluable tool"
Andrew Kelly

"I like your idea on the Coach with it being a top down learning style. Honestly I did not like the structure of magic as much for the learning and like to learn things as I am to use them. It makes more sense to me because it leads me down the path easier."
Michael G. Holt CCHt

"In my presentations on NLP to groups I mention that it was one evening after using the NLP Coach software I was going to talk to my husband about an "issue" I had, I was upset at him.

As I walked towards him with my complaint going through my head, I stopped, and I "heard" the little NLP Coach voice revising my statement from "Why did you do that to me?" to "When you did that, I made myself feel afraid."

Lo and behold, he apologized (He's Italian...from Rhode Island, if you can relate) I was stunned. We actually had a nice evening, when normally it would have been the opposite.  

Thanks Paul! NLP Coach rocks!"  
Nannette DiMascio -  NLP Trainer, The Home of NLP, Las Vegas, NV

"Hi Paul, It is a fantastic approach. You are the master. Good luck."

"Paul, You are a very busy person I am amazed that at such wionderful programs that you have put together. I am most impressed with your skills and ability and willingness to share that. I look forward to working with the new model as well. Again, my hat is off to you - you are a gem"


"Hi Paul, Just wanted to reach out again and mention how impressive your software is.... I'm not certain that we have met, but I have studied coaching with M&M, Joseph O'Conner, and Robert Dilts."

Jim Brush

"I found it a very useful tool. Thank you."

Nelson Bruno

"Hi Paul, The valid criticism against therapeutic psychology is a lack of precision, testing and validating. Human cognitive sciences are vulnerable due to their subjective reality. To be a great ambassador and contributor - following Milton's work - is a great refreshing asset. It is not easy to be exact and professional in that area, however your contribution is a blessing. Many thanks for your sanity, work and devotion.
Peter Kodrucz

"I have to 'dig in'to understand it, but as it looks you made a great peace of a software! Thank you, have a wonderful weekend - wishing you continued success! My friend is interested in learning nlp so I will pass this to him-I think he will be surprised of it!!!!!!!!!!"

"Hi paul, I will write more later. I do love it really. Going to get hooked I think!! Iwant a version for my phone!!"
Mark Harris

"Hi, Paul: I've had a chance to work with your NLP COACH software package and I am really impressed! Just starting my journey with NLP and I think this would be a good additional tool to help me use and understand NLP"

Mike DeRosa

"I think is brilliant for improving your skills, It is the wooden dummy (Kung Fu training device) of the NLP persuasion world"
Robert Charles Bruce


"Hi Paul, Thank you for such an enormously powerful tool for learning the language patterns of NLP. It's truly amazing and I LOVE it!. :)"
John McCoy


"sorry i took so long to contact you, but your program is fantastic and one of best thing i have bought in years and has helped me understand how people really interact i am still learning many topics in the system and eventually i will use them daily.
thanks again for the product and i hope other people benefit from your software as much as i have"
Construction Ken


"Thanks Paul, I'm using the software and am honnestly in awe at how great it is. I spent $1500 dollars on a NLP and Hypnosis home study. Fails in comparison to what one can achieve in this interactive style."
Robert DeSaulniers

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