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What are the Mind Lines Patterns?

Mind Lines, created by NLP trainer and Co-Developer of Neuro-Semantics:
L Michael Hall, represent a significant re-modelling of Robert Dilts original 'Sleight of Mouth' patterns

An expansion of the Meta Model, the 20 patterns of the Mind Line collection are each an outline of the different types of frame, or perspective that a therapist can employ in response to the utterence of a client's belief

Each of the 20 patterns will lead to a different outcome

Skillfull use of Mind Line patterns is a prerequisite for mastering the art of persuasion and change

NLP Coach presents a pathway of interactive exercises to give you in-depth practice with each and every one of the Mind Lines Patterns

NLP Coach Mind Line TrainingThe Mind-Line Patterns included in the training are:

  • Strategy Sequence
  • Chunking Down
  • Reframing External Behaviour
  • Reframing Internal State
  • Positive Intention
  • Criteria and Value Framing
  • Identity Framing
  • Ecology Framing
  • Positive Causation
  • First Outcome
  • Outcome of Outcome
  • Eternity Framing
  • Chunking Up
  • Necessity Framing
  • Model of the World
  • Counter-Example
  • Apply External Behaviour to Self
  • Apply Internal State to Self
  • Framing with other Abstractions
  • Analogy


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