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What is the Milton Model?

Milton Erickson: considered by most experts to be the greatest hypnotist that ever lived, died in 1980, leaving behind him a legacy of outstanding clinical work; that many have tried to emulate. Milton EricksonPerhaps the best known of these being: Bandler and Grinder’s 'Milton Model'

The Milton Model itself; is a collection of simple techniques for recreating the different styles of language that Erickson used; for engaging, interrupting, distracting and redirecting his client's attention and behaviour

Indirect Hypnotic Suggestions

As a simple example of one of these language styles; Erickson would often deliver hypnotic suggestions as assumptions

For instance: Rather than giving the direct suggestion: "You will feel relaxed"

Erickson would instead assume that the suggested behaviour will happen anyway and say: "You let me know when you’re feeling relaxed"

On another occasion he might say: "Are you aware of how feeling relaxed can be so comfortable?"

Forming Ericksonian Suggestions

With the first example: "You let me know when you’re feeling relaxed"

It doesn't matter whether the listener does, or doesn't let Erickson know. The underlying assumption is that: "You will at some point feel relaxed"

Which of course is true, They will feel relaxed at some point. So it's likely the listener will accept the suggestion, and begin to feel relaxed

Hypnotic MeetingIn the second example: "Are you aware of how feeling relaxed can be so comfortable?"

It doesn't matter whether the listener is, or isn't aware. The underlying assumption is that "Feeling relaxed can be comfortable"

Again this is true, and so the listen will often begin feeling more comfortable

In both these examples, although they are different in form, Erickson has delivered his suggestion as an assumption, or what we are going to call a 'Presupposition'

The fact is: Presuppositions are a very powerful method for delivering suggestions, when used in the way that Erickson used them

And the Milton Model includes many different types of Presupposition, for creating all sorts of different subtle suggestions

Becoming Hypnotically Skilful

As well as presuppositions, the Milton Model also includes many other empowering techniques for:Swinging Watch

  • Connecting with people
  • Directing attention
  • Inducing hypnotic states, and
  • Talking metaphorically

Combined; this potent collection provides a comprehensive set of tactics for developing your hypnotic skills

Taking the next step

There is no doubt, that learning to use these empowering patterns takes some real dedicted practice

NLP Coach Milton Model TrainingSo to make it much easier, I've put together this
NLP Coach Training Software

NLP Coach provides easy to follow interactive lessons, with just the right balance of instruction, examples and practice

NLP Coach's virtual training room with built-in trainer and client, make it simple to understand how each hypnotic pattern works, what it can be used for, and how each pattern can be woven into your own everyday conversation

Practicing the Milton Model with NLP Coach

NLP Coach has lessons for each one of the following Milton Model Patterns:

  • Pacing Current Behaviour
  • Mind Reading
  • Simple Deletions
  • Incomplete Sentences
  • Nominalizations
  • Implied Causatives
  • Cause Effects
  • Generalized Referential Index
  • Selectional Restriction Violations
  • Extended Quotes
  • Embedded Questions
  • Embedded Commands
  • Phonological Ambiguities
  • Scope Ambiguities
  • Syntactic Ambiguities
  • Punctuation Ambiguities
  • Subordinate Clauses of Time
  • Awareness Verbs and Adverbs
  • Adjective and Adverb Presuppositions
  • Change of Time Verbs and Adverbs
  • Change of Place Verbs and Adverbs
  • Change of State Verbs and Adverbs
  • Ordinal Numerals
  • Commentary Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Double Binds
  • Conversational Postulates
  • Negative Necessities
  • Possibility Operators

Together, these patterns provide the essential skills for delivering your own unique brand of hypnotic message

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